It's me. Clarissa, the super awesome, easily distracted, overly emotional person that runs this blog...and by runs, I of course mean reblog everything that slightly interests me for two seconds, posting my attempts at art, and occassionally, my attempts at fanfiction.

Anyways, if you would like to know a little more ABOUT ME CLICK HEEEERRRREEE, mostly because I have a lot of fandoms and the list is getting to long to keep here, so it's all on that page, as well as some random facts about me...

There's some other random links in the links tab, ^^up there, so you are welcome to check that out too (My art and fics).

Um... okay.

Thanks for visiting/following/sending an ask or fanmail/reblogging/liking/casually clicking the wrong link and ending up here for some reason/falling asleep in front of your computer and clicking on my blog/etc...

As always, love you my dears.

Take care of everything else first, y’know… Not like you got Sam out of Lucifer’s cage right after he fell in… I’ll just stay here…

Take care of everything else first, y’know… Not like you got Sam out of Lucifer’s cage right after he fell in… I’ll just stay here…

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