Hi. I'm Clarissa. This is a multi-fandom blog. I love getting messages. I hope you enjoy my blog!

A bit about myself...I'm 19 and I'm basically a typical lazy college student that spends way too much time on the internet and watching netflix. Not even joking... tumblr has literally taken over my life... Do you know how much time I spend on the internet reblogging and reading smutty fanfics? Way too much.

Anyways, I am an ISFP (if you really want to what I'm like, just read this link and it's pretty spot on.) I'm pretty introverted, but it doesn't really bother me too much because I love staying in my room alone for most of the day... I really am a hermit sometimes... tumblr has taken over my life...

Anyways, the things I like (to post) are:

Yeah...so I watch a lot of stuff. I post when I can, but most is reblogging because I am too lazy to do stuff myself... I have an Ao3 account (the link is in my links tab) so I will try and write more fics. Sometimes I attempt to do art, it's on my art page. Also, sometimes I attempt to look like a human and the evidence is on my face page. Both are in the links tab. :)

Also, I made a gif a while ago of Sherlock in a nutshell, so if you see that floating around, that was me. :)

If you ever have any questions or comments or you just hate something I posted and you wanna tell me, feel free to tell me! I never want to have anything on my blog that makes someone uncomfortable or someone doesn't want posted. I promise I won't be offended. Seriously, I mean it.

Thanks for visiting. I always love messages, so my inbox is always open! :)

Take care of everything else first, y’know… Not like you got Sam out of Lucifer’s cage right after he fell in… I’ll just stay here…

Take care of everything else first, y’know… Not like you got Sam out of Lucifer’s cage right after he fell in… I’ll just stay here…

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